helping people make brave moves

WE ARE social innovators, creatives and founders who are looking to drive change in the way we work


The network has regular events in London and the Midlands and is growing a number of support services to help its members to step out with bravery to achieve their personal and organisational visions.

The Network provides opportunities to find like minded business owners and leaders, creating opportunities for collaboration and support.


Many of our members are tired of corporate politics and inertia and are looking for suppliers and partners that are able to work with both kindness and respect as well as pace and accountability.

The Brave Move network provides an opportunity to match unique people together based on relationships not return.

The Brave Move network is how we recruit our fabulous range of associates. We hope to make a new boys and girls club of people who work with relationship and integrity at their core.

Over time we are building formal support services for our associates to help them work together in agile collaborations. Get in touch today and send us your CV.