We’re excitedly preparing to launch our digital memberships for our growing Good Girl Survival Club community.

Expect rich conversation, digital courses and content focused on female leadership, empowerment and authenticity, motivation to help you face into the corporate world with your True Self, self-study programmes to grow at your own pace, articles and inspiration, discounts on our 121 coaching and in-person events, an online community and access to our AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions.

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GGSC is a coaching community to help women address the cultural roots of perfectionism, overcoming the restrictive mindset it creates, and stepping forward into greater levels of wellbeing.

Have you been striving for years to feel accepted and recognised but never feeling fulfilled? Do you hold yourself to impossible internal standards which you feel you never live up to?

As women we are taught to always strive to be perfect and never fail. For many of us in our early years this can be the fuel of achievement, but as we get older we get more dissatisfied with never feeling enough. Would you like to feel happier and kinder to yourself and others? Get in touch to  find out more about joining the Good Girl Survival Club. A mentoring network and coaching programme for women seeking greater levels of wellbeing and freedom.


You can participate in the club in the following ways

Take part in our 121 virtual coaching programme

We offer virtual one to one coaching focusing on either bespoke requirements or leading clients through our signature GGSC Courses - "Overcoming Perfectionism" and "Self-Awareness for Wellbeing and Purpose"

The Saturday Survival Club

We regularly run face to face group coaching sessions for up to 10 people at venues across the country - these are intensive inspiring sessions where different sessions are explored and combined with other forms of therapeutic support.

On the 28th October 2023, we ran our first immersive retreat at Harrods Farm Warwickshire, covering one of our core programmes "Self-Awareness for Wellbeing and Purpose". We intend to offer further opportunities to take part in similar events across the country.

Become a member of our Community

You can follow us via our Linkedin Community, or sign up to be notified when our memberships go live. We will also begin to offer live Thematic Coaching Events via Eventbrite in the Autumn of 2023.